• Well drilling, drilling control, engineering and project management

    • Well check services
    • Bit Services
    • Downhole drilling motor services
    • Telemetry, MWD
  • Installation of control-measurement and automation instruments

    BOLDEX has wide experience of supply, installation and maintenance of test-measurement and automation devices. This service is efficiently delivered by our professional colleagues who have long experience in oil and gas industry.

    BOLDEX also provides services for installation and maintenance of monitoring equipment, fire and explosion safety devices, alarms and video surveillance, entrance and exit bars and etc.

  • Inspection, installation and maintenance of equipment

    Experienced professionals of BOLDEX carry out inspection, installation and maintenance of wide range equipment used in oil, gas and marine works. Equipment range includes big variety of products you can check on our website.

  • Equipment maintenance training

    BOLDEX has established successful partnerships with a number of oil and gas products manufacturers from USA, Europe, CIS and other countries. Jointly with our partner companies we deliver professional training courses on equipment use and maintenance for our customers based on their needs. As a result of these training courses the client will master the proper use and maintenance techniques of the purchased equipment and therefore will increase the efficiency and safety of their work.

  • Purchasing

    BOLDEX specializes on professional supply services of oil, gas and marine equipment. Due to the wide experience of our staff in oil and gas industry we do proper assessment of technical needs of our customers and consequently provide with specific offers meeting all required standards.

    In the last few years BOLDEX has expanded the list of manufacturers well known in the world energy market. This allows BOLDEX to operate in the oil and gas supply business with most competitive prices.

    In addition to this, BOLDEX carries out logistical and customs clearance services for its customers.

  • Supply of spare parts

    All products supplied by BOLDEX have required warranties by the manufacturer along with international quality certificates. With the required warranty terms in place BOLDEX ensures delivery of equipment spare parts on time. Supply of spare parts is not restricted to warranty terms only, we do deliver pare parts on non-warranty terms as well.